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Cuteness Overload – The Perks of Designing Babywear
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Cuteness Overload – The Perks of Designing Babywear

I opt to screen print onesies for babies because I love babies. I love them with the same intensity that I love chocolate easter eggs. They make me so happy when they are around, and I yearn for them when they are gone. My own babies have grown up into standard child size, and find it irritating when I watch old videos of them and get mushy. So when I am selling at a show, and customers have their little ones with them I make the most of the cuteness. Around babies, I resemble those wolves from the film Storks, whose eyes widen and fill with stars everytime they see Tiny Thing. I get drunk with all the cuteness.

And so, when baby Sasha’s parents agreed to a photoshoot for my products, I was over the moon.

Two weekends ago, on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, my good friend and photographer, Raj, came over and spent a an hour taking photos of Sasha while she crawled around on a duvet on my family room floor.
Many lifetimes ago, I worked as a stylist at fashion shoots in London, and comparing the two situations is surreal and funny. I will say this, the baby shoot was much more relaxed and irreverend. The Zoolander references just kept coming all morning.

Here is what happened: Sasha was, thankfully, not a diva at all (wait until she turns two, parents). I really didn’t know what I was doing and kept asking Raj to focus on her chubby thighs over and over again. Raj happily obliged. My husband mostly hung out in the kitchen drinking coffee and watching us in an amused way. Every time there was a wardrobe change we all gathered around to look at Sasha and say “Awwww!”. My son kept jumping into the photoshoot to hang out with Sasha (he has inherited my baby madness), so we put him in a Noctiluna shirt and made him part of the shoot (he has always been something of a natural poser anyway).

It was a lovely experience. Talk about perks of the job. It was really hard to stay (semi) professional and not just spend the morning snuggling with the baby! Sasha’s parents were superstars and performed wardrobe changes in the blink of an eye, and an hour later everyone was ready for nap time. My website has now been updated with new products for SS19, and the photos really help with the overall look of the store.

There is a cute baby with spectacular cheeks who lives in the next neighborhood to me. I think… another photoshoot may be on the horizon?

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  1. It seems like those kids wear are cool. I am pretty sure that those will fits to my children.

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