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Summer Camp 2019- The Final Week! Sob.

I’m typing this while sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea, wearing pyjamas and nursing some very sore muscles. At the beginning of every Summer I get overly excited about teaching at camp. By the end of camp I’m crawling around like a broken lizard and falling asleep at eight in the evening. …

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Climbing Out Of 2017 Malaise

Time for a fresh start So far, 2017 has not shaped up well on a professional level (as well as so many other levels). I have had two months of uncertainties, working on projects that may not ever come to fruition, waiting for people to make decisions that may shape the rest of my year, nay …

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Small town splendor

I’m a city girl. I grew up in London, and spent my adolescence fantasizing about working in New York, Paris, or Tokyo, or maybe even Sydney. These fantasies made sense professionally as well, the aforementioned cities  being hotbeds of art, design, and general grooviness. Perfect places for a young designer to live and work in. …

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