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Ink, Tea and Emergen-C

I just thought I would pop into the Blogosphere to say a quick hello. I have kept my head down, and my fingers inky over the last few days. A war is still waging in my kitchen between the dishes and the printing equipment, and it is starting to get messy. It has been another …


Strike a pose kids!

The T-shirts are coming along nicely. It has been a steep learning curve, but the nice thing about screen¬†printing is that you get pretty fast results. I have been taking an ‘intuitive’ approach to my printing: just going with the flow, printing a bit, standing back to look at the results, then adding something else. …


Screen printing in my dining room #2 or ‘Covering up the mess I make’

This will not be a long post, because I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. As I write this I am acutely aware of the mess I have made around me, and of the fact that in precisely two hours time, two hungry and extremely twitchy children will be back from school looking for things to …


Screen printing in my dining room

So I just started screen printing again after a 10 year gap (I specialized in it at college). Aaaah, I had forgotten how satisfying it is to just bang out a bunch of prints in a row. Instant gratification. Screen printing really is the medium of choice for the impatient. ¬†In the textiles department at …

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