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What Happened At Camp – Week 4
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What Happened At Camp – Week 4

Normally when I say a post is going to be short, it doesn’t turn out that way. This is because brevity has never been something I’m good at (just ask my husband). Today, however, after spending a whole morning trying to get my computer to play nice and failing miserably (apparently Macs need their Sundays off), and then having a full blown big kid tantrum, I don’t think I can pull off any witty commentaries.

Last week was beautiful. The weather was perfect, the kids worked well together, and we looked at one of my favorite artists, Yayoi Kusama, and my favorite kid’s book The Dot, and a smidgen of Sonia Delaunay (which really isn’t enough – next year we will revisit her).
The camps are starting to get a little looser, and softer around the edges as we get to the tail end of Summer. The kids seem a little less energetic, and I’m tired. School is just around the corner and I don’t want any kids to go back burnt out. Rule one of running a camp: plan things around how your kids are feeling. So in addition to the art and play, there was some resting on a picnic blanket, eating cookies, making hair wraps, learning origami, and playing board games. Here are some photos, and you can find some of the  resources we used at the bottom of this post.


Hi Konnichiwa – Yayoi Kusama – A beautiful little book with big photos

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with illustratons by Yayoi Kusama

The Dot – Peter H Reynolds – great for reluctant or unconfident artists
Ish – Peter H Reynolds – same as above!


Watch this video alone first to determine whether you are comfortable with your kids watching it!

Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room

Our badly made version!

The Dot


Want to experience a Kusama installation in the flesh, then go to Houston!

Find Yayoi Kusama prints on shirts from Uniqlo shops or

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