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Ten Natural Mood Enhancers For My Rubbish Week.

This post was supposed to be an upbeat one about happiness, but I have not been at my happiest this week. It has been a frustrating and pretty crappy week, but hey, silver linings, it’s almost over.  Nobody is happy all the time, even though Facebook would like you to think so. It’s normal to …

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The Kids Need To Play More!

Okay, I’m back! It took a bit of recovering after the last two (very physical) weeks of summer camp, and a lot of chocolate and BBC consumption, and now I’m ready to share. In the beginning… I don’t know about you, but growing up in England in the 80’s I had a lot of free time. …

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Four More Days Until Camp!!!

I tremble ever so slightly as I write this. I don’t know why I get so nervous leading up to camps, I mean, I’m experienced, I’m prepared: I’ve written the curriculum, I have the materials and I know what I’m doing – what’s the big deal??? It’s just me. To be honest, I get nervous about …


Lazy Days Ahead

This will be a short post. I promise, really. I would like to proudly announce to the world, nay, the universe, that I have finally written all the lesson plans for all of my summer camps! Every single day has been planned into gorgeous little nuggets of learning, with outdoor play and nature walks in …

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