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summer camp

This Year’s Hot Themes For Summer Camp!

A week ago, I was in the middle of a serious curriculum writing streak. I wrote curriculum like a boss, there was smoke coming out of my keyboard, and I enjoyed it (honest, I did). Things were trotting along at a nice pace. There I was, researching, writing, ordering materials, checking boxes, signing checks, making slideshows, photocopying maps, …

productivity, wellness

Finding Ways to Dream and Stay Productive At the same time

When I close my eyes and picture myself in the future, I am painting huge canvases in a studio that looks a bit like Picasso’s one in the south of France. Sunlight streaming through windows, the beach only a short walk away. I will wander through meadows, and live in a house that looks just like Frida …

BUSINESS SKILLS, productivity, small business

Doing Horrible Things and Feeling Good

I have spent the week doing things I hate doing, and I feel pretty good. Shaky, but good.I mentioned in a recent blog post that I tend to run away from problems, thus giving them time to get bigger and hairier before I have to face them (oh goody). In the same, fabulous, post I …

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