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Work Hard, Take a Break, Smile

Those of us charged with setting our own schedules every day are particularly prone to being workaholics (I’m looking at you, most small business owners). Not having a boss, or colleagues to answer to can go one of two ways. Either you fall apart, or you become very, very organized. I’ve become something of an …

productivity, wellness

Choosing Self Employment – How To Stay Positive and Productive

Guess what? I’m a great, big whinger Huge surprise, right? Please insert crying with laughter emoticon here. I have noticed that I am constantly on the lookout for external reasons to blame my stuttering, pigeon-stepping, career growth on. There are just so many good reasons to choose from: Being a mom, not having a proper studio, …

productivity, wellness

January Slump – Survival Tips For Artists and Other Humans Who Work From Home

It’s January and all I want to do is wrap a blanket around myself and whisper sweet nothings to my sofa. I am not a Winter person, I find it difficult to be productive and ebullient when I am cold. Heck, I find it difficult to even get out of bed when I am cold, and working …

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