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Super Busy, Extra Thankful

It has been a volatile month or so here at Noctiluna HQ (also known as the studio above my garage). In late October/ early November, feeling ragged and uninspired, I gave myself a two week break from printing. I spent this time locked my studio exploring my painterly side and listening to audiobooks while muttering …

design, Travel, wellness

I Can See The Future Finally (Well, Sort Of!)

This time two weeks ago, I was very confused about the direction I was heading in professionally. Or maybe I was confused about the lack of direction? Either way, it was confusing. I was waiting on a response from potential employers after a job interview… and responses from potential venues for my summer camp… and …

art, Travel, wellness

Thank You 2016, Now Bugger Off

Well, I’m not sure how to start this. I’m imagining a set of weighing scales, and placing all the good and the bad things about 2016 on them. No matter how hard I try to look on the positive side of things, the bad side always tips the scale. I guess that’s because the last …

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