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Listing London Favorites

I’m back in the USA. The kids are running around the house squealing with delight as they rediscover long lost toys and belongings. I, however, am in a bit of a daze. Every time I leave London and my parents, the feeling is heart wrenching. I’ll get over it soon enough and settle into a …

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Happy New Yarn/ Letting go

Well I had really hoped to send out a blog on New Year’s day. You know the kind: full to the brim with good intentions, motivational, packed with resolutions, and maybe with a snappy pep talk included for the year ahead. It never happened. Why? Well, New Year’s day turned out to be a little …


The Yin and Yang of the Mommy-Artist

I used the plastic lid from my son’s box of trucks as a plate for inking my roller yesterday. It’s been that sort of week. Two birthdays, one ear infection, Walk To School Week, and around 50 shirts to iron and label for the fair. I’m running on a cocktail of tea and pure adrenaline …

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