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Kids, Stories, And The End Of Camp

The theme of the last two weeks of camp was Myths and Legends, it was a popular choice. The moment I introduced the theme to the kids there was a LOT of squealing and jumping up and down, which then turned into a discussion about Greek myths, which then turned into a heated discussion about Percy Jackson….and …

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Easy Things To Make For Your Kids

I spend so much time making things for Noctiluna, things to sell, things for other people’s kids and homes, and I love what I do. However, I have an admission to make; I rarely craft things for my own kids, I never seem to have the time. We do a lot of crafty projects, but I don’t …

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5 Good Things to Love

‘Macarons, trampoline, notebooks, unicorn, dancing, bike, box’ The above is a ‘list of good things‘ I found in my work room this morning. It was written by my daughter when she was about six years old, her likes have not changed much over the past two years. In fact, I like all the things on …

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