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Know Yourself: Discovering Your Ideal Work Environment

So here’s a bit of news for you: I am one of Arts Fairfax’s Artists in Residence for the 2018/2019 school year. What does this mean? Well, I will be teaching/torturing kids at a Fairfax County Public School sometime soon, I know a lot more about the Virginia Standards of Learning than previously, and I …

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Domesticity Fights Creativity

I have had a very productive week. I screen printed a huge batch of shirts, applied to two holiday shows, reorganized all of my inventory and packed it for my future shows, worked on two canvases, did a lot of research into booth displays for indoor shows, volunteered at a school library, finished off a …

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Doing Horrible Things and Feeling Good

I have spent the week doing things I hate doing, and I feel pretty good. Shaky, but good.I mentioned in a recent blog post that I tend to run away from problems, thus giving them time to get bigger and hairier before I have to face them (oh goody). In the same, fabulous, post I …

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