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Reflecting on Good Things

Well, well, well… here we are in the run up to Thanksgiving already. Is it just me, or has 2018 sprinted by in a particularly speedy manner? It feels like it was just yesterday when I was still absentmindedly writing 2017 on all my checks. Or maybe it was yesterday? I’m a lost cause when …

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Ten Natural Mood Enhancers For My Rubbish Week.

This post was supposed to be an upbeat one about happiness, but I have not been at my happiest this week. It has been a frustrating and pretty crappy week, but hey, silver linings, it’s almost over.  Nobody is happy all the time, even though Facebook would like you to think so. It’s normal to …


Staying Thankful Through It All

My kids like Thanksgiving a tiny bit more than I do. Hey, I grew up in England, so I have no rosy childhood memories connected with the holiday. I have many rosy memories connected with Bonfire night, Harvest festivals, and May Day, but not Thanksgiving. I never learned about it at school, or took part in any pageants …

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