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Wanna See My New Studio?

Do you? Do you, do you, do you? It really does not matter if your answer to the above question is ‘no’. I am absolutely and totally in love with my new workspace and am going to share it with you anyway. A little backstory first… For ten years I have worked from home, screen …

art, design, summer camp

What Exactly Happened In The First Week Of Camp? (No really, I have no idea!)

*Scroll to the bottom of this post if you are just here for printmaking teaching resources, and want to skip the waffling! There are two main reasons for my  What Happened at Camp updates. Firstly, I need points of reference for the future. When someone comes up to me in a few years and says “Remember that time we printed …

art, summer camp

What Happened At Camp – Week 3

This week was all about Street Art and Parkour, because I think the two go together really well, like tea and cake, or Sundays and naps, you get the idea. There is a cool list of resources that we used at the bottom of this post, if you feel like skipping all my waffling. Otherwise, …

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