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The 2019 List – Finally

Yes, yes I know. This is ever so slightly late in the scheme of things, but here we go. Here is a list of the biggest and best things that happened to Noctiluna in 2019. Biggest gift Are you kidding? It is obvious what this one is. After years of dreaming, salivating over Pinterest pins …

design, interiors, small business

Wanna See My New Studio?

Do you? Do you, do you, do you? It really does not matter if your answer to the above question is ‘no’. I am absolutely and totally in love with my new workspace and am going to share it with you anyway. A little backstory first… For ten years I have worked from home, screen …

art and design, small business, working from home

A Review of My Year So Far

This is a year of firsts. It is my first time as an Artist in Residence at a school. I am building my first studio ever. This is the first season that I am focusing on making products for shops, and my first year of really being at peace with working from home. The Residency …

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