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Making Patterns – Week 3 of Noctiluna Camp

I think this may have been the most noisy week of camp so far, my ears are still ringing! However, it would also be one of the most astonishing weeks in terms of the work produced. I would like to explain the theme of last week’s camp to you, but I don’t know where to …

art and design, education

Can Teach, Will Teach

Ever heard of that saying  ‘He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.’ ? Thanks a lot, George Bernard Shaw. Decades later, teachers everywhere are dealing with the offshoots from that seed of discrimination you helped to plant. What would your english literature teacher have had to say about that, hmmm? Let’s change that little …

summer camp

A Veteran’s Guide to prepping for summer art camp

This post is being written in the midst of a flurry of pre-camp activity. You will be reading this (hopefully) on the Monday of the first week of the  2017 Noctiluna Summer Camps, woohoo!! My house looks like a crime scene (you know, the one where someone knocks off an art store, and their local …

summer camp

This Year’s Hot Themes For Summer Camp!

A week ago, I was in the middle of a serious curriculum writing streak. I wrote curriculum like a boss, there was smoke coming out of my keyboard, and I enjoyed it (honest, I did). Things were trotting along at a nice pace. There I was, researching, writing, ordering materials, checking boxes, signing checks, making slideshows, photocopying maps, …

art, summer camp

2016 Summer Camp Themes (a sneak peek!)

(memories from past Noctiluna summer camps)   This week, I have been holed up at home, researching and writing lesson plans for this year’s summer camp. I have been having an intense and passionate relationship with every art teacher’s muse,  Pinterest (I love you Pinterest, mwah, mwah!), Google and my local library. Next week I shall …

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Awesome Art Books From Summer Camp

I was supposed to write this post three weeks ago, this is late, even for me. It was supposed to be written straight after Summer camp, it was meant to be the cherry on my summer camp cupcake but I overestimated myself,  just a little, once again. After working very physical eleven hour days for six months …

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