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This cute gathered skirt is comfy and versatile.  They work well on top of a baby onesie, or paired with a kids tee or tank.

Made from hand block printed Noctiluna fabrics, and hand crafted by our friend Scout and Indiana. Each skirt is unique and is the perfect gift for the littles in your life.

All fabrics are linen/linen blends – please message us if you have specific questions.  With an elastic back waistband and front tie, this skirt is very easy for a child to get in and out of.  It also has pockets because pockets rule!

This skirt can be washed in the washer and dryer, but gentle cycles are recommended.  Skirts are linen/linen blends.  These are ready to ship!

Read more about Noctiluna and Scout & Indiana’s CHEMlab collaboration projects here.


1 year: Height 31.5″, Waist 19.75″

2 years: Height 36.25″, Waist 20.75″

3 year: Height 38.75″, Waist 21″

Pattern by Townmouse Children’s Wear.


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Blue Braid 3yr, Citrus 2yr, LEGOprint 3yr, Pink Gold Twist 3yr, Blue Geo 1yr, Red Geo 6 yr, Blu/Red Geo tiers 1yr, Cherry 1yr, Cherry 2yr, Cherry 3yr, Cherry Blossom 1yr, Cherry Blossom 2yr, Cherry Blossom 3yr


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