Artist Bio
Textile printmaker and artist, Chitra Sharma, is currently based in Vienna VA and works from her home studio surrounded by her family. Chitra grew up in the UK and attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and the Winchester School of art, ultimately specializing in Textile Design and Printing. She has a particular interest in pattern making and color, stemming from her Indian heritage and time spent studying textile traditions in India throughout her life.
During the pandemic, Chitra turned towards painting and embroidery as a response to her personal experiences and as a type of meditative practice. Her fine art pieces tend to be strongly influenced by her textile and pattern making background.
With regards to embroidery, Chitra considers herself completely self taught and sees the irony of having been the one child in her elementary school who kept sewing her fabric to her skirt during after school craft classes, and dropped out early from frustration.

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