Hello, and welcome to the Noctiluna Site

I am an artist and teacher, who loves to write. This blog helps me to clear my head, and get all my ideas out into the open (at least the ones that should be out in the open!).

I teach art classes, run art camps, craft products to sell at markets and shops, and am a parent to two great kids. You can see some of the things I make on this site, and on my Etsy page.
I document my projects and adventures like crazy, even the ones that don’t work out. There are photos and stories from projects, camps and classes, on this site. I have shared ideas for art projects, book recommendations, and resources that I like. Hopefully, these will spur others on to start their own creative endeavors, and experiment a little.

I hope someday to own a space where I can teach art and design, screen print, and collaborate on projects, with other creative people. Above all, I want to spread my love of art, design, and learning around as much as possible.

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