Upcoming Shows:

November 11 and 12: Crafty Bastards  Nats Park, DC  click here for info

November 12: Fenton St Market Silver Spring, MD click here for info

December 9: Grump Arts and Crafts Show Crystal City VA click here for info

December 16: Grump @ Zoolights Smithsonian National Zoo, DC click here for info

Watch this space for more news about Noctiluna clothing, and Noctiluna Summer Camps

Welcome to the Noctiluna Site

I am a designer, maker, and teacher (who loves to write).
This blog helps me get all my ideas out into the open (at least the ones that should be out in the open!).

I design and craft a line of products that I sell at local shows, teach art classes, and run visual arts camps in the Vienna VA area.  You can see some of the things I make on this site, and on my Etsy page.
I document all my projects and adventures like crazy, even the ones that don’t work out, and share ideas for visual arts projects, book recommendations, and resources that I like.

The idea is that I continue to create, and through this, spur others on to start their own creative endeavors.

I welcome feedback, comments and suggestions.



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