Holidays, Crafting, and Kids: Why I’m a grump this December


Untangling a big box of string lights –

that’s a good analogy for my life right now. There are just so many different strands in there that need to be straightened out.

I’m down to my very last holiday show. It’s been a good season, and the last show, Grump@Zoolights, looks very promising in every way. However, despite being done with the screenprinting, ironing, sewing, and late night battles with my computer, I feel more jumpy than ever this week. Aren’t I supposed to be winding down?

Nope. This is the kids’ last week of school, and there seems to be something going on every day of the week – concerts, parties, gift swaps, learning shares. Teachers, I love and value you very much, but maybe… consolidate it? Also, for some, unfathomable reason, I seem to have been ordained one-who-must-remember-EVERYTHING this week. Whose bright idea was that?

I have written much about the ups and downs of working from home before, and this is one of those instances where, working from home seems to equal appearing to be free for any holiday related duty. Uh no kids, while I enjoy putting up the tree, and attending your various splendid performances, I can’t pop to the grocery store/the school/the mall at the drop of a hat every day; and yes, it was me that stress ate that box of peppermint creams that you were saving for your school party. Sorry, not sorry.


I do love the Holidays, I really do, honest! I’m really looking forward to my family arriving, and I’m looking forward to sitting in front of the fire drinking mulled wine, and I’m looking forward to eating latkes with friends, and the kids opening their presents on Christmas morning, and my husband pretending to be the Grinch. I’m just a bit grumpy right now. Speaking of which…


Last weekend, I took part in this extremely well curated show, which is always bags of fun for kids and adults alike (photos below). Next weekend (Saturday, to be precise) I’ll be at Grump @ Zoolights, at the National Zoo. This event is going to involve holiday lights, music, animals, a choo choo train, and a cool European style craft market – I defy you to not show up. It’s going to be a blast, and by then I should have untangled some of those figurative and literal string lights.

Grump Arts and Crafts Market 2017 – the set up.
My little helper at Grump, reading about Yetis
School party – lots of glitter and glue involved.
Newly printed. Will be available at Grump Zoolights.
Freshly printed gift sets for Grump @ Zoolights.
Freshly printed gift sets for Grump @ Zoolights.
Freshly printed gift sets for Grump @ Zoolights.
Outdoor lighting for my Zoolights tent, which is causing me much anxiety.

A week of Small Business, and Big Happenings

I’m hoping to squeeze this little post in on Friday morning, because I have made a promise to myself to blog regularly every week.

It’s harder than it needs to be sometimes, because I get very precious about my posts, and take forever to figure out what I want to say. I have never been able to put out snappy one sentence posts because, these write ups are cathartic for me. Ever since I was a child I have written my problems and ideas down in diaries, notebooks, scraps of paper to clear my head, blogging is the latest extension of this. I still have an addiction to notebooks, and am a ridiculously analog person in a digital world, but carpal tunnel put paid to my furious morning scribbles – so I blog.

This Week

…has not gone exactly to plan. We were in a horrible car accident, and our beloved van was smashed to smithereens. Luckily, none of us were seriously hurt, but we need to get another van fast before my next show. Aaaaaarggghhh.

Speaking of which, I have been ironing and sewing, and tagging freshly printed stock like crazy for Grump 2017 (One of my favorite shows)!IMG_9261IMG_9262IMG_9263IMG_9264

If you live in the DC,VA,MD area, I highly recommend visiting Grump, because, quite apart from the stellar quality of the vendors there, it has a really fun atmosphere. This year there will be a bunch of workshops happening, which I have signed my kids up for. They are going to try knitting, painting monsters with watercolors, and hugging yetis amongst other stuff. Also, I’m teaching a collage workshop for kids. I’ve been making these little Scandinavian gnome collages as a trial….

Other Exciting News

Noctiluna shirts and onesies are now stocked in Gift and Gather, a lovely new gift shop in Occoquan, VA. It’s a seriously well curated shop, that supports local makers. I have real problems not buying the shop up each time I visit. Beautiful place.


All that, and I managed to take the kids to see Santa, do a huge amount of online Christmas shopping, start making a unicorn gift for my daughter, spend quality time with my dentist, put the tree up, alternately harass and goof around with my homework-avoiding kids, stress eat way too much gingerbread, and guilt myself into working out. Even the slow-ish weeks are more busy than they seem at first glance.
Happy first day of December! The holidays are looming and things will be just fine. Even better if you visit Grump 😉