The Silver Lining in the Snow

I apologize for the snow days.

Yes, it was in fact my fault, and I won’t do it again.

About two weeks ago, I strutted online and proudly announced that I was back on track and ready to get into my work routine again, thus tempting those pesky gods of fate to dump large amounts of the white stuff onto us.  I’m officially apologizing to all of you (that is, if there is more than one of you out there reading this!). I’m sorry.

About those snow days –

I found myself, as I do quite often nowadays, surrounded by children. ‘No problem there’ I hear you say, after all I often choose to be in that very same situation for weeks on end as part of my job. However, this time I was quite unprepared for the onslaught. I had mentally readied myself for a week of organization – planning out camps, researching and writing curriculum, getting a couple of design projects off the ground – it was all very promising until…. “Mommmmmmmyyyyy! There’s no schooool todaaay!”

An interesting few days followed, where my younger child decided to break his own record for spilling things in strange places and not telling me, and the seven year old kept asking “what should we do next?” over and over again, until her friends turned up and then they did EVERYTHING over and over again (don’t ask me to elaborate).

We built a fort, made Valentines day decorations, and whenever their backs were turned, I actually managed to work on a few old neglected canvases! Something I would never have done otherwise. The pictorial evidence is below:

The kids are back at school now, so I wonder when the canvases will actually get finished. I’ve learnt my lesson about making those kinds of promises publicly, but I do want to say:  Ha! Pesky gods of fate. Ha!

2014 – The First Blog

I wanted to call this blog “I’m Back Baby!”, but then settled on a less bragging, more sedate title. Well let’s be honest, I have made that claim more than once over the past year, and have had to eat my words within a month.

I do actually try to be steady work-wise. I would like my business, and my blog, to charge ahead full steam, like the Hogwarts Express, no stops until the end of the line. However, in reality, it is more comparable to a little canoe paddling along gently through a quiet stream, every now and then caught up in a rush of waves, sometimes coming briefly to a full stop in the shallows.

It is very telling that I write the first blog of this year on the 15th January, instead of the 1st. After two weeks of snow days, sick kids, and a bout of single parenting, this is in fact my first ‘working’ day of the year (pour that champagne, Jeeves!), and what have I done so far, I hear you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I have accepted the fact that working from home, part time, with two kids makes for unpredictable outcomes, and realize that I will be steering a canoe for another year. However, I have planned out the year in my own way, and here is what you will be hearing about from me over the coming months…


I have already started planning out Spring break and Summer Art camps (I can almost hear the screams of children, and smell their discarded lunches :)). I’m also starting a bit of Art tutoring in the evenings starting tonight  (I will be teaching mark making, drawing skills, and general silliness to a kindergartner.)


I have been researching the coolest fairs and markets in this part of the universe, and will be signing up for Spring and the Holiday season. I’m planning to go back to my textile design roots and stretch myself beyond my usual handmade wares…but more on that later.


This one I’m going to need a lot of poking and prodding on. I really want to self publish a book this year. I’m almost there, the book is pretty much done, I just need to fine tune it – anyone interested in being a proof reader?


I’m determined to stay motivated. In an ideal world, I would have a Mr Miyagi style mentor and a padded cell, but in reality  it’s just me and my poor,straying mind. So I have surrounded myself with reminders, and motivating images, and have actually started using my icalendar (groan). Let’s see how that works out for me.

Have a fantastic 2014. Let’s hope for a beautiful, productive year!