My New Workmate

You might have noticed that I have not been blogging much lately, (I’m not sure whom I’m referring to when I write ‘you’ – in all probability, my regular followers have dropped like flies by now!).

Anyway, my circumstances have changed a bit recently. I now have an almost-three-year old sharing my workspace with me all the time. Let’s refer to him as ‘Bun’. Anyway, Bun is very energetic, and curious, and needs hugs every five minutes, so my work schedule has been topsy turvy. I am typing this right now with him trying to climb up the side of my chair. Once he manages to get onto the chair, he will proceed to scale the ‘mommy mountain’and when he actually reaches the pinnacle, this blog will stop abrubtly – just warning you.

When I first realized that Bun would have to be at home with me for a while, I panicked. “How on earth am I going to get those shirts sewn and finished? What about all those fairs I have to get ready for…….and my teaching schedule!!?” I huffed and puffed to my husband. As usual, he looked calm “We need to find a babysitter”.

It is not easy.
I have started working during Bun’s (almost non-existent) naptimes, in the evenings, and at all sorts of places, it’s tiring. However,  as work colleagues go, he is pretty entertaining company, and not a bad source of ideas.

Today, while  ambling around the neighborhood playground with him, I discovered some beautiful bits of petrified wood in jagged shapes, perfect for a printmaking experiment. Bun also loves jigsaw puzzles, which has got me thinking about a new project – hmmm.
A few days ago, while digging through his summer clothes (apparently planes are in this summer, dinosaurs are SO over), I discovered a slew of old, plain T-shirts; excellent for doing screenprinting and bleach experiments on. Check out the results below.
I might even do some drawings of him if he stood still long enough.

As a good friend of mine who has three kids, a dog, and a perpetually sunny outlook on life says “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Bun is definitely sweeter than a lemon, right now his clammy little hand is clamped around my forehead as he tries to wheeze onto my shoulders, I guess it’s time for my next meeting. Goodbye!

Toast, Monkeys and Neon Shirts

It has been a week for toasting monkeys (see the definition for ‘monkey-toasting’ here).

In between all the chores, administrative work, and carting kids around to various appointments, I did actually manage to get a large chunk of printing done (giving myself a virtual pat on the back as I type this).

I have started work on the kids’ t-shirts for this Spring/Summer, and have been printing waves onto bright, neon shirts  in anticipation of lazy days at the beach, I quite like the results so far. Printing is fun, I’m not sure I can say the same about phase two though – ironing the prints, and sewing on labels – pretty dreary. Hopefully I can bribe a few family members into some free labor!

I’m going to start making my coloring books next week. Look out for the photos, when I’m done.