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The School Bus or the Monkey?;
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The School Bus or the Monkey?

My son left for preschool this morning clutching two model school buses and a stuffed monkey. We asked him to leave two toys behind and choose just one to take with him in the car, but he would not do this, because he loves them all equally. Never mind the fact that he could not …

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Summer Camp Love Story

I’m going to run a summer camp this year. Scratch that, I’m going to run TWO summer camps this year. The responses to this statement have ranged from the anxious “won’t that be a bit messy?’ to the slightly surreal¬†“do you have enough tents?” to the cryptic “what about bears?” First of all, to all …

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I have just finished spending a most fulfilling couple of hours making books, and I wanted to share the fun with you. These are really simple instant books made out of one sheet of paper, ¬†no gluing, taping or sewing required. In fact for most of them, I didn’t even use scissors to make the …